A downloadable game for Windows

It's very early access I should say. I wanna create videogame on stream and live on youtube playlist with creation of videogame from scratch.

Youtube channel where I'm doing this game.

Sources on github.

You can select preferable device in main menu.

Control (XBox GamePad):

Left stick - move, right stick - shott, left trigger - dash, rigth trigger - camera focus, left and right shoulders - switch weapons, A - reload. DPad, A and B - menu navigation.

Control (Keyboard, Mouse):

WASD - move, Mouse - shoot, Space - dash, Left shift - camera focus, Q/E or mouse scroll - switch weapons, R - reload. WASD, Enter and Escape - menu navigation.

Made with Monogame. Here's now only OpenGL build. Certainly runs on Windows, in theory can run on Linux or Mac, but I've never checked.


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Version 200 18 hours ago

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